Welcome to the underground Club of Zen, we have been expecting you! Today more and more men are paying attention to their skin, and overall appearance. Here you will find an array of services to help you achieve that look to make you feel confident to take on the world.  

Zen for Men Facial : $75

 This signature facial is designed for the uniqueness of a mans skin. Customized for each client’s particular needs,  Tune up your skin without veering into princess territory:  Deep cleanse, exfoliation and meticulous extractions, hot towels, and An antioxidant-loaded,  customized mask is applied for deeper pore cleaning and detoxifying to remove impurities while a neck, shoulder and arm massage ensures you drift into a deep state of relaxation.  Facial ends with a light brow grooming to be sure you are looking on point!


BioActive Peel : $115

This peel will go beyond to help reverse signs of aging, combat acne, even skin discoloration, and even smooth texture.  With no down time, your buddies will never know you are doing treatments... until they start questioning why you are looking better, and then you may invite them to the secret society. 


Brow Grooming : $18

They say if your eyebrows meet it’s a sign of deceit, so don’t get caught out with an unruly brow.  We’ll help keep your brows manly with just a wee bit of cleaning up.


Back Waxing : Half $35, Full $55

 Whether for sports, going to the beach, or you just enjoy a smooth clean finish, this service is quick and convenient and will achieve smooth skin to the touch.  hot towels and a soothing lotion applied after so you leave feeling great.