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Why buy from us when you can find cheaper?!  By shopping with Zen you not only support a small local businesses, but you are also guaranteed you are buying *authentic* products.  Counterfeit products are a huge problem these days when purchasing from 3rd party retailers, which could actually be harmful to your health.  While sometimes it's more convenient to run to the biggest online retailer, not only are you at risk for counterfeit, but you do not know how that product was handled.  Was it from a store that went out of business and sat in a hot vehicle or warehouse?


When you purchase products from Zen, you know your products are fresh and directly from the company and stored right here in our store within controlled temperatures. You also purchase expert knowledge, skin changes from season to season, age, and hormone imbalances.  Too many times we see clients purchase the wrong skin care for what they need, and end up wasting time, money and above all, compromise skin.  Let us guide you in choosing what's best for your unique goals. 

Invest in your skin, you wear it everyday!

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