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Army Veteran (6yrs Active Duty 98k Signals Collection/ Intel Analyst), Licensed Nurse #20132437, Licensed Massage Therapist #LA8503, mother of 3 girls (2 of which are TWINS!).


As a Nurse and Massage Therapist, it is my hope and dream to be a facilitator of healing. It is my passion to not only help my clients through manual manipulation of their muscles but to also educate and open eyes to the endless forms of Holistic/ Alternative therapies. To bring light into the power of exercise, nutrition and spiritual wellness - Mind, Body & Soul, I start every session with the intention that I may be a vessel of healing, love and light. I use essential oils, aromatherapy and heat therapy complimentary for every client. I’m here to remind you of how to take care of yourself, love your own body and how to make your wellness a priority! Namaste